the captain cape breton tee

Four years ago I was on maternity leave from my job as a graphic designer at Dalhousie University. The previous year I had designed an I Love CB t-shirt and a LOVE onesie the year before that, as well as cards and calendars. Once I got into the groove of mommy hood, I spent some nap times working on new designs.

I created two designs - "home" and "Captain Cape Breton". I wanted to design apparel that Cape Bretoners living there and away as well as tourists would want to wear. That was why I designed 2 versions (the home t-shirt is no longer in production -that's a long unnecessary story- but I still see some of those around and they still look really good.) The Captain Cape Breton t-shirt was named by my husband. Brandon and his siblings, unlike me, grew up loving superhero movies, comics, and clothing. I now have an appreciation for superheroes, especially because our daughter loves them too. When Brandon suggested the name, "Captain Cape Breton" for the t-shirt design, I thought, okay that sounds cool. I like it. He even went so far as to dress up like the Captain Cape Breton superhero - twice! And yes, I'm dressed up as Mary Morrison - a Cape Breton superhero in her own right : )

The original Captain Cape Breton t-shirt was printed only in one colour - a kelly green Jerico brand t-shirt. A comfortable, soft tee. I chose green to represent Cape Breton. I started selling them at the local Mabou Farmers' Market and people bought them. They really loved the tee. Adults and kids alike. I was so excited and happy to see people proudly wearing their Cape Breton tees.

I never thought I would add more colours to the line or more designs, but I did. From there I included  grey and black tees with green logos. Then the navy and red t-shirts with white logo. As well as new designs - LOVE (updated) and C+B. And last year a whole slew of new colours - super soft tees.

Last summer, 2017, I also introduced the Cape Breton Crew t-shirt. This is the Captain Cape Breton logo with Cape Breton Crew text above it as well as the Inverness County Square Dance tee.

This summer I will have the original colour combo of the Captain Cape Breton t-shirt (kelly green + white) for adults and kids. I'll also have additional colours.

You can find me at the Mabou Farmers' Market on Sunday, July 29, 11am to 2pm and at the Sydney Waterfront Festival, Friday, August 10, noon to 9pm. Watch my Instagram and Facebook for possible POP-UPS!