Cape Breton Crew

One of the definitions of "crew" at says: a company; crowd. Or slang: a clique or group of people.

Many folks around here, including myself, often use the word crew. For example:
A crew of people were at the beach the other day.
We had a crew over for drinks.
Our crew is going to the dance. 

When I was doing concepts of some new Cape Breton designs, "Cape Breton Crew" paired with my Captain Cape Breton design became a quick favourite for most. When I'm in concept phase I write down and mockup anything and everything that comes to me. Actually, I keep a lot of notes (on my phone and paper), so I usually check back through those notes before designing. I guess I had written the line "Cape Breton Crew" in my notebook but it makes sense, because this is a phrase I used when I posted a photo of some of our (mini) Cape Breton crew on social media a while ago. My daughter, nephew and 2 god daughters were posed on and around a hammock with me at my daughter's birthday.

Cape Breton Crew

The idea behind this tee is to celebrate the social culture of Cape Breton Island. Not to generalize, but most of us are a fairly social bunch, enjoy the company of other people, have a visit... and whether you live in Cape Breton year round, part of the year, or visit once in a while, quite often there is a crew in Cape Breton to do your thing with. It's a pretty awesome feeling!


Adult tees - unisex
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Youth tees

For those of you who prefer the original (Captain Cape Breton design) with no words on it, I will have some of those too : )

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Thursday, August 3, 11 am to 3 pm
Quincy Street Market, Inverness, Nova Scotia
15876 Central Avenue (next to the NSLC)


Youth tees $20


A crew at Broad Cove concert 2017

crew tee $30 / Captain Cape Breton tee $25


A beer on Inverness Gathering Parade Day...the best. Amanda and Briagha were the first to get their Cape Breton Crew clothing. Supportive family 😀 Hooded tee $40 - sold out but you can order from me. Ladies Tank $25