I Love Cape Breton Collection (Chase the Ace edition)

As a graphic designer, I love ideas. Concepts. Brainstorming. It's a very fun process for me. Especially when the project is related to something I love. The first twinkling of an idea for my "I Love Cape Breton" collection surfaced mid- 2010, while in the midst of another project. I started with cards and calendars in the fall of 2012; launching at the Elves' Fair in Inverness. While on maternity leave the next year, I added to the collection – the original Cape Breton Island "home." tshirt (below left), Captain Cape Breton tshirt (below right), Cape Breton LOVE onesies and aprons, greeting cards, giclee prints, photography, custom prints and calendars.

Lately, I've been focusing the majority of my limited time (now that I'm back at work full-time) on the "art" pieces – Cape Breton Island photos (left) and Small Town Love series (right) prints. A little heart marking the spot on the communities people love, fall in love in, live in or get married in or grew up in. The sample on the right shows a heart over the community of Inverness.

Small town love print

People continue to love the community of Inverness and the Chase the Ace fundraiser story. There's a lot of heart that goes into continuing a fundraiser of this magnitude. Saturdays in Inverness, for the past year, have been about finding the special spade (the Ace of Spades)! I text my sister-in-law every Saturday asking her if she is "Chasing the Ace" (she's usually purchasing me a ticket too : ) I've also had friends and family members ask me about selling my products during Chase the Ace. I honestly hadn't planned on it. Truly, I enjoy the fun of hanging out with family and friends during the festive atmosphere of Chase the Ace. But, Chase the Ace Inverness is a once in a lifetime event. So, here it is; my collectors' items for Chase the Ace...Inverness edition.

I can't wait to see who the lucky winner is on Saturday. Also, I look forward to spending the day meeting some of the people who have been spending their Saturdays in my hometown of Inverness. Let's hope the rain stays away!