nova scotia

Quincy Street Market
Square Dance t-shirts, Cape Breton apparel + hats,
greeting cards + prints

15876 Central Ave, Inverness, Nova Scotia

Brook Village Grocery
Cape Breton apparel, Square Dance t-shirts,
Cape Breton Hats, Brook Village t-shirts & aprons (exclusive),
greeting cards

3482 NS-252, Brook Village, Nova Scotia

Life Life in Tents (seasonal - coming end of July)
8139 Cabot Trail, Margaree Forks, NS



Periwinkle Cafe (seasonal)
missbrenna greeting cards, Toddler LOVE t-shirts

36056 Cabot Trail, Ingonish, NS

Made in the Maritimes
missbrenna greeting cards

5527 Young St, Halifax, NS
Sunnyside Mall, Bedford, NS

Atlantic News
missbrenna greeting cards

5560 Morris St, Halifax, NS

Please get in touch if you'd like to carry any missbrenna products.